Watch Your Emotions (with Two Eyes)

Full transparency: If I have a chance to chuckle and make a bad pun with the title of an article, I’m going to take it. Sue me. So, when I say, “Watch your emotions!”, I’m not using it in the colloquial sense. I’m not telling you to curb them or dismiss them. I mean exactly what I said, watch them. Observe them. Point at them. 

Without taking you to therapy or a monastery, I’m reminding you that we have emotionsThis is much different than being an emotion.

Friends, you aren’t scared and anxious right now. You have the feeling of fear. You have the feeling of anxiousness. 

But, we’re only human, so it’s understandable that we forget to observe our emotions because we’re too close to the action, bathing in them. When you’re enveloped in your emotions it’s difficult to have enough distance from them to have a great perspective. 

Now more than ever it would help to remember that emotions, especially the most troubling ones, are fleeting. They come and go. Times like these will come and go. It seems to me that you’ll either learn that fact when it eventually becomes true and suffer until then, or you can practice this view of mindfulness that can make this moment enjoyable, too. 

I’ll choose the latter. Join me? 


Logan Gelbrich


3/19/20 WOD

Progressive Stability Work:

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

8 Tempo Ipsilateral Straight Leg Dead Bugs (Left)

8 Tempo Ipsilateral Straight Leg Dead Bugs (Right)


:15 L-Sit


8 Tempo Contralateral Straight Leg Dead Bugs (Left)

8 Tempo Contralateral Straight Leg Dead Bugs (Right)


Conditioning for a score:

Complete 4 rounds for reps of:

In 3 minutes…

:60 Plank Hold

50 Lateral Jumps (Over Implement 3″ Tall)

Max Burpees

-Rest :90-