Reading the Fine Print

Did you know that this is article number two thousand three hundred and twenty-two on the DEUCE blog? PHEW! Talk about endurance, right?

Sometimes I wish more people would read the blog. Though I’m grateful that hundreds more do regularly around the world each day than we have members in our gym, some are missing the critical insights that are posted here daily from psychology, design, group dynamics, and training. Today you’ll be rewarded for reading this “fine print”.  

To give a bit of fun and a nice reward for reading the fine print, this very blog you’re reading has a critical clue in it. This clue will send you on a scavenger hunt that, if you’re lucky and timely, will end in a lasting memory and real treasure

Above I mentioned the word, “endurance”. That’s your first clue. Enter the last name of the protagonist of the classic non-fiction tale by this name about the greatest arctic explorer in history into Wikipedia. Once there, you’ll need to text the last word in the second paragraph on his Wikipedia page and the year of his death with no spaces to 855-909-1350. 

That will send you on your way. Remember to be responsible when in public. Social distancing saves lives. 

Good luck, readers. 

Logan Gelbrich


3/20/20 WOD

Progressive Volume Work:

Complete 4 rounds for quality of:

15 Hollow Rocks

20 Push Ups

25 Squats


Progressive Tempo Run:

Run 9 Minutes Out

Return with a Negative Split (<9 Minutes)