Making Sense with Self-Talk

Every moment you move through the world, you’re using sensory tools to perceive your reality. While no combination of sensory systems can perfectly perceive reality, we’re making a valiant effort. Many of these systems you know well. Consider sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell are critical components for our perception.

There’s one system that you might not give much credit, however. It’s called the Auditory Digital system. Auditory Digital, or “AD” for short, is specifically the voice in our heads. While you feel like you can “hear” this voice, it’s specifically different than hearing or the auditory system itself in that it is an inner dialogue, or self-talk. 

Believe it or not, our self-talk helps form our perception of the world around us with great influence. The good folks at NLP World tell us that Auditory Digital dominate folks use phrases and words like “logic, common sense, reason, system, understand, think, analyze, know, learn and phrases like due diligence, I’ll consider the idea, I’ll take it under advisement, to sum up, to make sense of.” Whether “AD” is a dominant perception tool for you or not, take note of your self-talk this week. What’s it telling you? With enough perspective, you might learn that your self-talk is slanting your perception in a particular direction, albeit pessimistic or optimistic. 

Logan Gelbrich


2/26/20 WOD

Spend 10 minutes working on HSPU…


Then, alternating in teams of 3, row 5K for time: 

Partner 1: Row 250m

Partner 2: Rest 

Partner 3: 5 Deadlifts (225/155)