Jim Rome Does… Traffic?

Does the name Jim Rome ring a bell? I’m talking about the sports talk host known for hot takes that brought heat before it was a genre of reporting. His successful career has included both radio and TV shows like Rome is Burning and The Jim Rome Show. Still doesn’t ring a bell? Here’s a timeless introduction to Jim Rome via his rant, Softball Guy

What few know about this journalist who’s paved his way to the top of an often cut throat, albeit political industry is that he started with notably humble beginnings on the airwaves of his university radio station. That’s right Jim Rome’s legendary career started reporting the traffic on the UC Santa Barbara student radio station. Many universities have radio stations, and a case could be made for them being the least listened to stations in the history of radio. The handful of listeners who would have listened to UCSB’s radio station likely didn’t listen to the traffic section on the edge of their seat. So, how did Jim Rome make it out of that booth and into the limelight?

He took desperate measures, of course. 

Rome couldn’t make a name for himself reporting on news no one wanted to hear, so he made the news remarkable. The UCSB traffic segment took a liberal interpretation with fictional spice. Rome ran with a segment and made it his own. He probably figured if no one missed the real traffic, maybe some listeners would appreciate some fake traffic. 

Hell, I’d enjoy hearing about a dinosaur in the right lane slowing down the morning commute. His desperate measures and outside-of-the-box thinking got him promoted to the San Diego-based XTRA 1070 AM radio show and the rest is history. 

Could desperate measures and wild creativity break you out of your box?


Logan Gelbrich  


12/9/19 WOD


Back Squat


Then, in teams of 3, AMRAP 16

Partner A: Row Max Meters

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10 DB Thrusters (45/25)

10 Burpees-to-Plate 

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