CF Open Victory Party Friday

The results are in. We edged out our in-brand competition over the Crossfit Open. Each week for five weeks we took on our brother gym, DEUCE Backlot, and won!

This wager wasn’t hypothetical, either. The loser is tasked with throwing a victory party for the other gym. Since we’ve won, DEUCE Backlot is hosting us at 7773 Beverly this Friday and you’re invited!



Logan Gelbrich  


11/19/19 WOD

Make 6 attempts at the following complex:

(Progressive) Handstand Walk

:15 Handstand Hold

-Rest as needed-


Then, complete three rounds for reps of:

:60 Max Stone to Shoulder (100/70)

:60 Max Lateral Plyo Skier Hops (20)

:60 Max DB Hang Power Clean and Presses (40/25)

:60 Max Wall Balls (20/14)

-Rest 2 minutes-