Partner Workouts: An Observation

We are willing to let ourselves down before we are willing to let others down. Period. That’s an observation that is repeated over and over again in workouts with team and partner structure. Rather than judge it, let’s hear it for what’s in it for us. 

There are times when it doesn’t pay to be left to our own human devices and this is one of them. As much as us Americans love a good hero’s journey, it is worth your while to lean on the power of the collective. Great training doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Rather than hear the feedback above as a downer on self, I’m here to reinforce that it’s great news for the collective. The power of the collective is remarkable. 

Tap in. Grab an accountability partner. Do more than you’d do alone. 


Logan Gelbrich  


11/18/19 WOD

Every 2.5 minutes for 10 minutes, complete the following for quality:

50 Double Unders

5 Front Squats

2 Shoulder-to-Overhead

**Build weight each round


Then, complete 3 rounds for time of:

400m Run

12 Alt DB Step Back Lunges (40/25)

4 Devil Presses