What are Rear Delts & Why Do They Matter

The rear delt is an often underdeveloped, under-appreciated part of the shoulder system. “Delt” is gym slang for deltoid. The deltoid muscle most simply is the rounded musculature around the shoulder. The posterior portion of the deltoid (the rear delt) is a particularly helpful antagonist to the pectoral muscles; a fan favorite. 

The rear delt is often neglected unbeknownst to “functional” movers because it needs specific training and attention that usually leaves the rear delts unengaged, which is why we include special accessory exercises outside of our main movements. This, sometimes mundane, attention to detail is in an effort to round out the supporting musculature that does the stability, external rotation, and upward rotation of the shoulder so you can have a grand time pressing, snatching, swinging on bars, and the fanfare that comes with it. 

While the rear delts and the work it takes to build them won’t wow any crowds, they do support the work that does. If you take care of your rear delts, you’ll be head and shoulders above most movers when it comes to the health of the shoulder system.

Happy training!


Logan Gelbrich  


10/23/19 WOD


Back Squat


Then, every 2 minutes for 10 minutes


Power Cleans 








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