Combat Cognitive Aid: Sleep & Nutrition

Earlier this week I found myself in another one of those situations where I’m left wondering, “How the hell did I get here?” I got to meet the commander of our highest level Special Forces group. No more details are necessary here. This guy is top level brass for the nation’s most prized war fighters. 

He was intentional, focused, and curious about the details of performance on every level. I’m bringing him up specifically because while he has unthinkable combat experience, his role now is one of management. He is no longer “on target”, but has men in sixteen countries at present. These days his performances that save lives are not running and gunning, but rather in decision making

The stress and importance of his job forced him to double down on health and wellness more than ever. He needed to look a nutrition not to ruck or swim further to hunt terrorists, but to make better decisions. He had to look at sleep hygiene, not because he needed more force behind his kicking down doors, but so he could be more effective at communicating the orders of war. 

To be clear, this gentleman has never been a slouch. In fact, he’s had to be a remarkable specimen to not just pass selection into the upper echelon of Special Forces but to be a key player in the role of operator. Nonetheless, here he is taking his health and performance to the next level for cognitive reasons. For these reasons, he’s chosen a Keto diet for an even keel energy level. When he dips, people die. He’s also doubled down on sleep citing the badge of honor about who can sleep the least is an archaic military mindset. 

Ultimately, this Colonel’s anecdotal experience reinforces what is universal for us all. Fitness and nutrition are not just means to a physical end. The most important decision makers continually show us that what you eat and how you move and recover affects you between the ears. 

We’re all cognitive beings. Your ability to navigate the decisions and moving parts of day to day life is either being nurtured by your wellness or is suffering from it. Take charge!


Logan Gelbrich   


8/16/19 WOD

Complete 4 rounds for reps of:

:20 Inside / Out Plate Jumps

-Rest :10-

:20 Max Hollow Rocks

-Rest :10-


Find a Heavy TGU…


Then, complete the following for time:


Calorie Row 

Box Jumps (24/20)


Then, complete the following for quality: 

100 Walking Lunges