Specificity and Training

For ultimate clarity, the specificity of your training ought to meet the specificity of your goals. It’s human nature to over exaggerate our self importance. We believe we’re all extremely different physical creatures with special needs. In reality, most of us are just unique in our preferences about how we train. 

If your goals are general, you’ve got no business stressing over training nuances. If you’ve got hyper-specific opinions about your training, you ought to be able to share the parameters of the specific event you’re training for, when it is, and the specific nature of your desired outcome. 

Until then, any time spent cherry picking workouts or debating what programming is optimal for you is time wasted that could be productively spent developing universal capacity. General physical preparedness is the most important most universal human capacity. Get busy mastering it!

Logan Gelbrich 


7/12/19 WOD

Complete 4 rounds for quality:

4 Weighted High Box Step Ups

2 Turkish Get Ups


Complete 3 rounds for slowest time:

750m row

-Rest as needed-


Then, complete the following for quality:

100 Walking Lunges