When Critics Burn at the Stake

Remember the old Adam and Eve story from the Bible? Eve (and therefore women) were created from the rib of Adam. For thousands of years, Judeo-Christian ideals stood firm in their teachings and those who challenged their notions were punished or worse. 

Author Matthew Syed argues that the only thing crazier than taking this story at face value and believing that men have one less rib than women is the fact that we didn’t prove this sentiment wrong until 1543 when Flemish anatomist Andrea Vesalius decided to count. In an instant, thousands of years of assumptions were erased. 

Surely this isn’t a religious website and my message for you today doesn’t have a dog in the fight for a religious point of view, but there is an important message that Syed is trying to make here. There is a dangerous pitfall to banning contrarian ideas.

When teams, organizations, or societies shun failure, criticism, and counter ideas they build a fragile dogma. While you might not be burning anyone at the stake for disagreeing with you, reflect on how you treat those that critique or question your beliefs. Want to get a step ahead? Critique or question your own beliefs!


Logan Gelbrich  


7/11/19 WOD


Push Jerk



Front Squat


Every 4 minutes for 18 Minutes:

400m Run

100’ Sandbag Carry (AHAP)