The Wonder of the Human Body

Did you know that when you soak your hands in water and they get pruny that it’s not a reaction to them being “waterlogged” like the common urban legend explains? It’s actually a mechanism that gives your skin more grip when around wet surfaces. 

Your body is amazing. 

Still not amused? Have you ever seen a victim of a stroke whose hand has become disabled? You’ll notice that the hand curls inward toward the body. This is a last ditch effort for the body to preserve its own life when certain facilities shut down. The idea is that the disabled person has a better chance of still being able to consume food despite lacking full functioning of the arm. 

These kinds of mini-miracles are par for the course in the highly intelligent physical body you occupy. Before you even begin to “upgrade” yourself with vigorous training, know that your body is a wonder beyond comprehension. Now, start adding to the mix a deliberate effort to develop yourself and you’ll realize super hero status isn’t as far off as you once thought!

Logan Gelbrich   


6/26/19 WOD




Then, complete the following for time:


800m Run


3 Rounds:

10 Deadlifts 

10 Burpees Over Bar


800m run



Round 1 225

Round 2 275

Round 3 315



Round 1 155

Round 2 175

Round 3 205