Rubbing Elbows with Greatness

I continue to be baffled by the ever increasing interconnectedness of those pursuing their peak expression. Certain groups, people, and movements that courageously explore growth are attracted like moths to a flame to other courageous vulnerable efforts towards excellence.

We are attracted to greatness in the world because it connects us to our own greatness. I’ll never forget the law of attraction at play when the gym went from humble beginnings in the park to slightly less humble beginnings in the garage. Men and women in our little bubble wanted to be near an emerging vulnerable effort like ours. The cascade of inspiration and attraction completely transcended fitness. People supported the movement because they wanted to be around it.

Our little bubble is a little bigger than it used to be, but the phenomenon is still at play. If you’re reading this, you ought to know that you have a human greatness inside of you that needs kindling. This source is pinged by inspiration out in the world, albeit a unique gym community, a favorite artist or athlete, or a friend who’s exploring greatness with unique courage. Listen to that ping. Seek our greatness and emanate it for others.

Rather than compete or tear each other down, I’m calling to leverage these pursuits. Surround yourself with those who are championing their own efforts, support efforts towards excellence, and rub elbows with it. After all, we need to see your greatness!

Logan Gelbrich   


6/24/19 WOD

Build to a heavy set of 10 Deadlifts…


Then, complete the following for time:



Deadlifts (225/155)