The Job Only You Can Do

“The man must understand that his evolution is necessary only to himself. No one else is interested in it. And no one is obliged or intends to help him. On the contrary, the forces which oppose the evolution of individual men. A man must outwit them. And one man can outwit them, humanity cannot.

The hard hitting quote above is from P.D. Ouspensky’s  In Search of the Miraculous. While I ask that you excuse the single gender reference, this quote is for you. You, like the rest of us, are on an evolutionary journey. Our own evolution is the most important job we have and life isn’t going to make doing it easy. What the quote above asks from us is to step into the understanding that the collective can’t walk this path, only you can.

You can change. The collective cannot.

You, the participant, are involved in many collective circles. For example, you train in a gym community, you’re apart of a family, you’re a citizen to a country, and a host of other communal allegiances of humanity. These people cannot do this for you. These support structures are important, but keep in mind (as the quote informs us) that only you can outwit the forces working against your progression.

Claim your allegiances to humanity and its many subsets, but understand no one is coming to save you. The question, then, is will you save yourself?

Logan Gelbrich


1/24/19 WOD

Back Squat

Then complete 3 rounds for quality:
100′ Carioca Sled Drag
10 Lateral Plank Hip Adductions

Then, complete 4 rounds of the following for reps:

10 DB Deadlift (70/50)
Max Wall Balls (20/14)
-Rest 2 minutes-