The One Exercise for All Time

Imagine a training tool with no downside. It’s the proverbial “free lunch” of training. It’s all upside with no downside and it would be an instant driver of adaptation in any mover, including my grandmother and including your favorite pro athlete.

I’m talking about sled walks.

That’s right, people. I’m talking about walking. If you can trust yourself to walk around town, then you are technically qualified to use this training to get strong, stay out of pain, and improve your general physical preparedness.

We recommend walking heel to toe with a tall posture in a walking gait (no running allowed). Need a prescription? Take about half your body weight for a continuous mile long effort one day a week and take a couple hundred pounds for eight to ten efforts at two hundred feet on a flat surface.

You’ll build general capacity and even some deadlift improving hamstrings in no time. This also comes with no risk of injury!

Logan Gelbrich


10/15/18 WOD

Find a 1RM Snatch

1 Sled Pull + Push (145/125)