Type-A Problems

Let’s stereotype for a moment to make a point. CrossFit has no shortage of Type-A, hard chargers. These are the achievement oriented folks who crushed school or sports or both, they do what they’re told at work to get the results they want at work, and they are ultimate in control of their own destiny. In their minds, they are masters of their universe.

CrossFit feeds a number of Type-A needs. Sure, it’s hard, but there is a great deal of control. I observe a common rallying point for these folks who like to feel edgy, because at the end of the (CrossFit) day you’re flat on your back, writhing in your own sweat, but ultimately never lose control. A set of twenty lightweight thrusters will get nearly anyone breathing hard, but almost no one will face major uncertainty in this effort. In many ways, it’s pretend adversity.

I’m very fortunate to travel the world teaching people the discipline of strongman. One of the elements I love most about showing people strongman is it’s beautiful way of introducing uncertainty to these people. The awkward nature of trying to press kegs and logs and lift atlas stones often ends of manifesting itself as a hard charging, Type-A athlete who tries hard, does everything right, and, though it’s hard, ultimately experiences success experiencing failure. Yet, these folks do what they’re told, give their best effort, and don’t make the lift.

I love it.

The look of injustice on their eyes is important. While strongman definitely isn’t the only way to seek out exposure to uncertainty, for the CrossFit community it’s a wonderful tool. Whether you’re into fitness or not, I’d argue that building a life of pseudo-certainty does yourself a disservice. After all, certainty is an illusion.

If uncertainty is a truth we can’t escape, why avoid it? Consider that you shouldn’t avoid it, but, furthermore, you can train for it!

Logan Gelbrich


4/23/18 WOD

Make 5 attempts for load of the following complex:
2 Power Cleans
1 Hang Clean
1 Split Jerk
– Rest as needed –

Then, complete 4 rounds for quality of:
10 Man Makers (AHAP)
10 Weighted Sit Ups (AHAP)
10 OH DB Walking Lunges (AHAP)