Therapy: A Universal Tool

I’m in therapy. Let me say that better. I’m heavily in therapy. Unfortunately, sometimes people put their struggles in the public eye for attention, pity, or as a marketing hype tool. Hopefully what comes across today isn’t that. We’re all struggling with something, so I shouldn’t be viewed differently for my own struggles. What makes this topic important to me and the reason for sharing it is the connotation surrounding therapy.

In fact, for a long as I could remember, every time I heard the word “therapy”, I consciously and subconsciously noted that it was for other people (broken people, crazy people, victims, etc), but it surely is not for me. It’s funny how life teaches you lessons. Today, therapy is as much of me as anything else is – HA!

Just last week I was able to do an exercise with one of my therapists to understand my core values. While my core values are important only to me, what’s relevant to you about this is that I was surprised to learn that I couldn’t have guessed my core value within a hundred miles. As someone who presents himself around as a generally self-aware person, I have lived thirty-two years on Earth without even the slightest connection to my core value. Imagine that!

Since you and I and everyone else chooses action to seek our core values, it’s important to know what those are. I’m finding so much about myself with this new knowledge and it pains me to think about myself and anyone else living their life without the little bit of awareness that therapy has afforded me.

Even if you have no urgent issues in your life, I encourage you to embrace the beautiful tool that is therapy. It’s one thing in my life that I couldn’t have been more wrong about.

Logan Gelbrich


4/24/18 WOD

Front Rack Barbell Lunges

Complete 5 rounds for time of:
100′ Sled Push (175/145)
10 Pull Ups
10 DB Hang Cleans (50/35)
10 Burpees