The One Fitness Principle You Need

I’ve been around the strength and conditioning world for a minute now and there is no shortage of advice out there. Everyone wants the rules and principles to hang their hat on, which is increasingly difficult considering that many of these alleged principles are contradictory.

Still one has emerged as an umbrella-like rule from which all others live under, in my opinion. It’s actually the first rule in Power Athlete HQ‘s nutrition protocol, but its implications do not stop with food. It’s so powerful and universally relevant because it is a principle of checks and balances. It’s begs for personal responsibility in the face of the diffusion of responsibility that many fitness principles result in. Are you ready for it? Here it is:

“Don’t be weird.” 

Use best practices and explore different ideologies, but don’t be weird. The minute you miss the forrest for the trees you start counting almonds and fighting over low bar versus high bar squats. Don’t be weird and “get what you came for.”


Logan Gelbrich