On Being a Born Winner

I find myself reexamining ideas that are easy to gloss over. The things I find my self taking for granted, as if I’ve checked that box, are often places worth going deep on. Leadership was one of those concepts. Before being quick to move past it, I found that if someone asked me to define it that I’d start rambling my way through a B- explanation of it.

I want to share with you another one of these reexamined thoughts. The idea is natural selection. While I know you’re rolling your eyes. “Yeah, coach, Charles Darwin.. I got it. What’s the deal?”

Well, stay with me, because the result ought to leave you with the belief that you are a natural winner. It’s in your DNA, after all. Here’s a passage that slowed me down the other day:

“All organisms that ever lived — every animal and plant, all bacteria and all fungi, every creeping thing, and all the readers of this [sentence] — can look back at their ancestors and make the following proud claim: Not a single one of our ancestors died in infancy. They all reached adulthood.. Not a single one of our ancestors was felled by an enemy, or a virus, or by a misjudged footstep on a cliff, before bringing at least one child into the world. Thousands of our ancestors’ contemporaries failed in all of these respects, but not a single solitary one of our ancestors failed in any of them.”

-Richard Dawkins (River Out of Eden)

You are a born winner. Act like it.


Logan Gelbrich


1/8/18 WOD

Complete the following for time:

100 Walking Lunges

75 Pushups

50 Pullups

800m Run