I recently had a conversation with a friend for whom I have a lot of respect. He relayed a story from a friend of his, that shook me right where I stood. In the football world they talk about getting your bell rung, this refers to a collision to the head in which an athlete is left with a disoriented feeling and a ringing in there ears. This collision was not a football type, but it was definitely to my head. He spoke about a meeting between his friend and a financial advisor. In this meeting, this advisor asked three questions that were game changers.

In this life we all explore ourselves and explore our talents. We make decisions everyday that make our path, we are in control of writing our own story. Each day we have a pen and as much paper as we need to write a new chapter in this book we call life. The control is in your hands whether it seems that way or not. The scary thing is when you decide to take control.

If this feels like it fits your life and your situation grab a pen and some paper, because your gonna want to do some writing. Consider this free association. Write down whatever comes up for each question without filters. Don’t stop your mind from racing. Let it go. Read one question at a time and do them in sequence. I put some extra space in here so you can scroll the page down so you can’t see the next question, if you have wandering eyes.



– What would you do if you had 100 million dollars?









– What would you do if you had one year to live?









– If you died tonight, what would your regrets be?




Its very interesting what these questions bring up. My question to you is the same as the question that the advisor asked:

“What is stopping you from doing these things now?”

I think this exercise has a lot of merit in personal conversations as it does in relationship conversations and business conversations. It definitely gets you thinking outside the box, and straight from the heart. Both are very useful skills. Whatever you do, don’t forget about yourself. You are unique and you have a unique skill set to bring to the table.

If your life were a book, would you read it?



Danny Lesslie


9/15/16 WOD


Even: 3 Hang Cleans (BW)

Odd: 5 Handstand Push Ups