Accountability and Family

This place is different. We tell people this all the time. We talk about this in our first meeting with each athlete called the ‘Intro Session’, and if you talk to just about anyone, I believe they will tell you the same thing. Coaches, and more or less everyone around here, just care for each other. A long time ago when we started this program we decided we were gonna hug everyone, we decided we were gonna love our people so much they couldn’t help but come back. This is not to discount the fitness, or the coaching, or the program, but dammit if we are gonna be the best at one thing it is loving our people. I believe this is a strong driver in the sense of family that we all feel around here.

With this comes a true accountability. This program will change your fitness, it will change your mindset, if you decide to show up. We structure our memberships and our on boarding process to put athletes on a path to success. Ofcourse you as an athlete have a tremendous responsibility to do your part. This is only part of the equation. If you decide this place is for you and you want to be a part of it, we as a staff are part of your accountability as well. We are part of the successes and we are part of the failures. If you go off the wagon, and stop showing up to class, this is now our accountability too. You will hear from us. This is simply an action put in place to keep us all on the right track.

Recently I had a conversation with an athlete about his participation. He had not been coming to class for a while, and for all intents and purposes hadn’t responded to much communication. He had been off the map if you will. So as you would expect, I contacted him and we talked. Turns out he had a big sense of built up guilt about not coming in, and it had turned from missing class into avoidance.

From our last agreement when he signed up, he had these certain goals, and we agreed that he would do X and we would have this program here for him all of the days he wanted to do X. We would show up each day, even the days when he wasn’t here, and have this program ready for him at any time. You can see the issue, he was not fulfilling his end of the agreement. Communication is all we needed. I knew what was coming down the pike, but we had an agreement. I owed it to him to keep our end. We finally talked and I will spare the details, but his time here has come to an end. I am sorry to see him go, but at this time this decision is the best.

We are family around here, and we are here for progress. With that comes accountability and communication. This does not come from a negative space and we are not here to hold you to some crazy ideal. We are here with purpose. We have chosen this path for our community, and it’s all yours if you’re interested. In case you haven’t read the twenty-four carat, gold leaf, hand pinstriped letters above the garage door, we are here to “Hold the Standard.” It’s up to us to succeed or to fail. Are you with us?


Danny Lesslie


9/12/16 WOD

Compete 6 rounds for time of:

400m Run

-Rest 2 Min-


*Athlete’s score is total time