UPDATE: Not Just Any 10,000 Hours Will Do

Research is starting to show that the idea that 10,000 hours is the key to master a concept isn’t quite true. Well, let me rephrase that. Most researchers who are out to answer the age old question whether greatness a born trait or it’s developed are finding that things are a bit more complex than punching your time card for 10k and going home a legend.

Malcolm Gladwell made famous the 10,000 hour rule as discussed in his best selling novel, Outliers. In it he found a common theme amongst all the greats from Picasso to Beethoven to the Beatles was that they’d accumulated the requisite 10,000 hours of practice to become masters of their craft. Newer insights, however, are taking this a step further.

No, research hasn’t started to say that there is a short cut to the 10,000 hour rule, but it is starting to show that not just any 10,000 hours will do. In fact, there is a difference between any ole practice session and what’s being called “deep practice.” It’s during this deep practice that musicians, athletes, writers, and the like are working in a flow-like state with incredible awareness and remarkable adjustments are being made from repetition to repetition. It’s quite the opposite of a passive practice session. These folks are actively participating in their hours of practice.

It makes a difference.

Today, of all days, is a incredible day to accumulate meticulous, deep practice at DEUCE Gym. You can, after all, do the reps and leave. Or, you can live inside each moment and be present to the skill. It’s only in the latter example that you have a chance to learn some remarkable capacity in the craft you’re tending to, however.

The choice is yours.


Logan Gelbrich


7/13/15 WOD

1: 1 Rope Climb
2: 3 Touch and Go Cleans (AHAP)
3: 100′ Sled Push