Marry Poppins Doesn’t PR

You know that stereotypical meathead huffing and puffing that’s so easy to make fun of in the gym? Sometimes a little bit of that is good, you know?


Miss Poppins hasn’t PRed in years; continues singing.

There’s a certain attitude one needs to execute something like a big lift, and it isn’t a quirky, fun-loving attitude. It’s, even but for a moment, the attitude of a killer. When it comes to these efforts, you either do or you don’t. Often times, deciding which side of the fence you’ll end up on happens in your mind well before anything physical is attempted.

I see so many young student try a heavy pull or attempted a 1RM press with a Mary Poppin’s attitude. No matter how much you or I hate the stereotypically pumped up gym rat mentality, when you get under a barbell in an attempt to do something special you’d better ditch the Marry Poppins attitude for something a bit more savage.

Get your mind right.


Logan Gelbrich


5/14/15 WOD

3×8 Side Lunges

Complete the following for time:
800m Run
50 Overhead Squats (135/95)
800m Run