You Don’t ‘Try’ This

I don’t see choices when it comes to health and fitness. I really don’t. Sure, maybe it’s not CrossFit or strongman or weightlifting that has to be your thing, but I also know that pushing, pulling, jumping, throwing, and so on have to be your thing. You’re thing, after all, is being human at the most basic level.

People often don’t see it this way. To them, DEUCE Gym is just a type of workout. Since it’s just a type, it’s understood that for some it may not be their type. But, are we?

If the conversation here is about movement, we aren’t an item on a list with other “types” of fitness. I think we’re an unquitable responsibility in everyone’s life. Stopping training here is only really justified in my mind if you’re going to squat somewhere else, or walk on your hands somewhere else, or carry a heavy load somewhere else.

This isn’t a thing to try. It’s not a phase or an experiment. It’s movement.


Logan Gelbrich



5/12/15 WOD

Spend 15 min on the Snatch..

Then,  complete 6 rounds for time of:
20 Alternating DB Snatches (50/30)
100’ Bear Crawl

**Rounds begin every three minutes