CrossFit Exposes

There’s a great deal of concern with CrossFit and injuries. Point blank. Not only have I found this worry to be a virtual none issue, I’ve found this argument is asymmetrically thrown out with a complete opposite opinion of the massive injury rates actually associated with literally everything else, including beach volleyball and non-competitive jogging.

There are people, however, that experience pain and even injury with what we do. Much of this, I’d argue, is an example of exposure. In other words, men and women with glaring functional issues, movement deficiencies, etc begin to demand functionality our of their bodies that otherwise go by unnoticed in their day to day lives only to expose existing issues. Often this leaves fingers pointed at CrossFit.

Much like how it’d be silly to blame the roads you take to work as the culprit in a busted transmission, I think we need to expect more and demand more of our body’s basic abilities rather than say, “See, I told you so,” when basic tasks give us pain.

Squats hurt your knees? Great! Fix it.

Pull ups hurt your shoulders? Cool. Fix your shoulders.

Though this sounds harsh, it’s true. Life isn’t supposed to hurt and as a human, I’d argue, that you’ve got a damn responsibility to do basic things like squat, push, pull, run, jump, and throw. Furthermore, if those activities gave me trouble I’d be frustrated with myself before I’d be frustrated with the act of, say, throwing. A disclaimer should be stated here that even “broken” athletes can participate in CrossFit and what we do at DEUCE Gym without fault. However, this takes a mindset and level of maturity that is above and beyond that of “the standard American.”

Get to know your body and commit to improving yourself, even if that means realizing your path doesn’t look like other people’s paths. If you get exposed, use that information to improve. Any other approach just leaves you with 1) an injury and 2) reason to stay the same.


Logan Gelbrich



3/17/15 WOD

Spend 15 minutes on the split jerk..

Then, complete the following for time:
1000m Run
30 DB Overhead Walking Lunges (50/30)
15 DB Hang Cleans