Extra Credit Day

I always wonder to myself what would happen if we were to coach a class as normal, but finish three or four minutes early. Maybe this day would be a particularly long workout, and it would be rainy and cold outside.

At this moment, after the announcements, we would offer up some extra credit for each athlete. There are no scores on the whiteboard, you can’t win. A chance to get better, on their own time. Maybe it would look something like this.

Wall Squats

2 min Couch Stretch (Each)

2 min Pigeon (Each)

Front Squats

Accumulate 3 minutes of Plank

Maybe the movements would vary, but you get the point. There are definitely some mobility things included, there is definitely some strength in there, and position is addressed.

Would you stay? Would you stay to get better because you want to get better, or would you stay out of guilt because everyone else is staying? Or, would you just leave?

What are you doing in your spare time to get better? Have you asked your coach for tips on your weaknesses? Are you happy with where your fitness is? If you need a little extra credit in your fitness, let us know.

Bonus points rock!


Danny Lesslie


1/7/15 WOD

Complete 7 rounds with each round beginning every two minutes:
5 DB Push Presses (45/20)
2 Broad Jumps (7’/5’)
200′ Shuttle


Accessory Work:
Accumulate 20 Wall Walks