Everything Earned

It’s being called the catch of the year. As a matter of fact, it’s arguably one of the best catches in NFL history. If you haven’t yet seen Odell Beckham Jr.’s catch, watch the above video.

Even I, the world’s worst sports fan, came across the video. As amazing as it was, I was even more excited to come across the video below of Odell in warm ups before the very game he made the infamous catch.

Most people see a catch like Odell’s in a big situation, in big game and think it’s a miracle. It’s half luck, some percentage timing, and some percentage “he’s-a-freak-of-nature.” If you ask me, it’s a bummer that our first reaction is to discredit the athlete. He was, after all, drilling this one handed catch over and over and over and over again earlier that very day and who knows how many other days previous.

Consider that your first reaction to excellent performances is to assume that they are always earned rather than some sort of lack-of-participatory luck. Take this into the gym. Don’t be the first person to talk about “good” genetics and who’s a “freak.” Consider that the strongest in the class earned that strength and the highest skilled in the class practiced their way to mastery.

With this view, even the greatest performances are within reach for you, too!


Logan Gelbrich


12/9/14 WOD

800m Run
25 Push Presses (135/95)
25 Pullups
50 Squats