Good News: It’s Simple!

Let me give you a quick look inside the world of a being a fitness professional. If you’re a coach or a trainer, you’ll know what I mean. You see, everyone know everything. All your colleagues think they are geniuses and chances are they agree on nothing. And, by that I mean most sarcastically that most know very little. The best in the game would argue more for how little they know than the opposite.

Respected coach and former NFL veteran, John Welbourn, summed this up well when referencing a vast aggregation of studies in exercise science (whatever that is), that the only real concepts to deduce from all the data was that the strongest people in the world lifted the most weight in training and the fastest people in the world ran the fastest in training. Nothing else.

That’s it. Zip, zero else mattered! Whether or not athletes subscribed to periodization, constant variance, conjugate method, Bulgarian methods, deload weeks (or not), percentages (or not), it didn’t matter. Now, that might seem obvious and/or redundant. “The strongest moved the heaviest weights in training and the fastest ran the fastest in training.” But, there’s a beauty in this. I’d argue there’s good news in it for us, too.

If you’re hopping around gyms, fitness programs, starting, stopping, mixing and matching without real, tangible success, this is good news. Just do the work. It’s as simple as that.

Start. See it through.


Logan Gelbrich

11/6/14 WOD

Spend 20 Minutes on Tumbling

Then, complete 3 rounds for time of:
800m Run
6 Ground to Overhead (AHAP)