Surrounded for Better or Worse

An observation that comes up a lot for me is the glimpse we, as coaches, get into the lives of our students. Since what we do is so comprehensive, it’s quite easy to have an idea of what life looks like for our students outside the gym, too. We get to know our students. They have interesting careers and hobbies. They excel at certain things, while other habits impede their growth with fitness and otherwise.

What is unmistakable for me is that the atmosphere that a student spends his/her time in often inks their fate for better or worse. Now, there are dozens of corny quotes about “you are who you hang out with” and all that, but it’s true. I see it daily.

Think to the healthiest, most productive days of your life and think about who you hung out with. Think about what you associated with. Now, think about some low points in your life. Who were you surrounded by? What did you associate with?

I have the best and arguably the easiest life there is when it comes to health and productivity, because I’m in an atmosphere that doesn’t allow anything less that full expression of both. The people I’m around hold me to it. The things I associate with demand it.

Now, who knows who I’d be or what I’d be like if I was surrounded by something different. But, it’s scary to think that my behavior from nutrition to my general worldview could be shaped by the friends I have or the places that I spend my free time.

Check your surroundings. I’d hope they are helping, rather than hurting, your progress.


Logan Gelbrich



8/7/14 WOD

With a partner, complete 60 med ball throws to sit up (each) in as few sets as possible (with velocity).

Then with a partner, in 12 minutes complete as many rounds as possible of:
6 Pull Ups
9 Push Ups
12 Squats