Class: The Responsibility

What does class feel like to you amongst your list of activities? Is it a chore or another “to do?” Is it a bonus? Is exercise a treat, or a away to take time for yourself?

Rather than being a bonus in your life, if class felt like a duty or a responsibility it could shift your experience to more performance gains. You see, when the connotation of class is like that of a treat or a bonus for yourself then it’s often the first to go when life gets hairy.

Got extra errands? “Probably can’t make the workout.” Didn’t sleep well? “We’ll get it in next time.” Feeling a little sluggish? “Better rest up.”

If you have the perspective that it is your responsibility to attend class then life tends to make way for your fitness success. Got extra errands? “I better leave earlier so I can make my class.” Didn’t sleep well? “Looks like I’m going to have to find a way to steal this workout.” Feeling a little sluggish? “Today, it looks like I’ll be building character in the gym.”

Context is everything. If you aren’t committed, you’ll find a way to justify giving your progress away. Get what you came for. Make training a responsibility, because it is one.


Logan Gelbrich




3/25/14 WOD

With a partner, AMRAP 3
Max Alternating Deadlifts (315/225)

-Rest 1 min-

With a partner, AMRAP 3
Max Alternating Power Cleans (185/125)

-Rest 1 min-

Run 800 for time as a team