Learning Motivation

Here’s the deal. We are a bunch of civilians learning to move and claim our own fitness. We (except Efren) are not professional athletes. In that way, one could understand that we may be missing some of the built in motivation that hopes and dreams and millions of dollars provide naturally.

Squeaking out six extra reps in the final seconds of training may be easier with images of your competition, your pay check, or your life’s goal on the line. Those same finals seconds seem less critical, however, when your just working out and you’ll be heading back to work in an hour.

Luckily for us, we believe that we can learn motivation. For students that have been around a while, you may be able to relate. In the beginning there are things you simply didn’t care about like you do now. Performance and a little bit of competition may be some of those things.

In addition to teaching motivation, sometimes we can create motivation out of thin air. Today’s workout, for example, includes some motivational consequences. Whether or not you care about your performance numbers, today you will.


Logan Gelbrich





1/29/14 WOD

Complete three rounds for reps:
In 3 minutes..
Run 400m
Max KB Swings (53/35)
-Rest 3 minutes-

**For each rep under 75, score a front rack lunge penalty
***Lump sum penalty paid at the end of round three