Chris Stewart: Leading From the Front

“What am I going to do with all this fitness?” is the running joke around here. What Chris Stewart decided to do with all of his fitness this past weekend was take on the Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World. The improperly named event was an incredible feat of energy and fitness.

Over the entire weekend, Chris ran 48.6 miles. He ran a 5K (which is fully ten times longer than our annual Half K Run) on Thursday. Naturally, Friday brought a 10K event. Saturday’s event was a half marathon. And yes, you guessed it, Sunday Chris Stewart ran 26.2 miles to complete his very first marathon. dopey-challenge-graphic

Not only did Chris, self-proclaimed non-runner, run a first marathon after three days of consecutive running events, it was his first ever marathon. His marathon time was 5 hours and 13 minutes, which he accomplished by nailing down a 12 minute miles.

If you know Chris, mayor of the 4:30 class brought to you by Cornerstone OnDemand, you know that his effort and attitude is infectious. Well, so are his actions.

If you’ve been inspired by Chris, tip your cap his way or drop him a line in the comments below. Good work, Chris!


Logan Gelbrich




1/14/14 WOD

Spend 15-20 minutes on rope climbs.


Complete the following for time:
OHS (135/95)