Destination Running

Running for me is closer to a necessary evil than a rivetting passion. I run because of what it affords me, not because of a love of the particular activity. I fully support running and those that love it, and am in awe of those that can run marathons. In fact, I love to watch track and field.

Recently, running has taken on a new role in my life. We recently adopted quite a rambunctious, not-so-little, dog named Bluemont. In order for our house to remain livable and relatively unchewed, we need a tired dog. Running has become a daily adventure that Blue and I embark on. It seems to do the trick to get Blue to sleep a little more, and not want to terrorize the humans. I too have logged quite a few miles. Running has not been about me for the last two months, and to be honest, I am not as opposed to it, as I have been before.

Today Blue and I took a one way run. We had a destination, and at the other end was our ride home. I never thought once about how far I was going, or how I didn’t want to run anymore. I was just heading in the direction I was going and never thought about it again. Previously, when out on a loop from the house, I was constantly thinking about how the farther away I run, the farther I have until I get home. After awhile it makes me want to stop running.

For me, making running about something else does the trick. I feel much more athletic and energetic when I do run. But even that wasn’t enough sometimes. If you are having trouble getting yourself to lace up those running shoes, try to literally “run” an errand. Take the dog with you. Take your kids out running. Have someone meet you somewhere and run there. This is worth gold to me. If you have any other ways that you trick yourself into running, post them in the comments. And, God bless all of you that love running.

Danny Lesslie

12/18/13 WOD

Complete the following for time:

100 Overhead Squats (95/65)