A Matter of Degree

Each of us has the unique opportunity to do just what we want with our fitness. All of our goals may be different, but they all have plenty of validity. A grandmother and a world class sprinter on the surface don’t seem to have a whole lot in common, other than that the grandmother may watch the sprinter in the Olympics.

Both of these athletes, however, have the need in the ability to squat. The grandmother could remain mobile and able to live independently, while the world class sprinter can use the squat to maintain strong legs, and maximal range of motion. The difference in the training necessary, then, is a matter of degree, not kind. The load and intensity will vary from athlete to athlete. Human performance is human movement, after all. We don’t all have to make money from our athletic lives, but we all need to move our bodies.

Scaling is a well known and handily accessible tool around DEUCE Gym. Scaling refers to the whole “every person can do the same workout” situation. This mantra remains true, because of the use of natural human movements in our training. There is an anatomically efficient and safe way to do things, and it just happens to look a lot like deadlifting, squatting, running, pushing, and pulling. You will see these movements laying the groundwork for all of our training. As long as you are doing these things well, we can change the intensity, the load, and the duration to increase fitness. Everyone has their own appropriate scaling.

Come to class as a student of the game. We are here for one thing, quality movement and your success. Lets do this thing!


Danny Lesslie

11/5/13 WOD

Bent Over Row

20 Double Unders
5 Hang Cleans (155/105)