DEUCE Gym Attraction

“This place is awesome,” they’ll say. Followed by, “What is it?”

If I had a dollar every time someone has walked into DEUCE Garage and said that, we’d have barbells made out of gold. Think about that for a moment. People see this place, and you all in it, and feel so compelled by what they see that they come inside to tell us that they think it’s great, not even knowing what it is. The question that seems to always follow, however, tells us that they don’t even really know why it’s awesome.

That is another level of magic, my friends.

I believe, without question, that humans are naturally attracted to greatness. It’s so innate that our radar for positivity and value can led us to excellence even subconsciously.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well, none of these people are coming inside to tell us that they like the bathroom or the kettlebell. They are inspired by you. They are attracted to you and your pursuit of excellence. If you all thought you were half as inspiring as I think you are, you’d be blown away.

Pat yourself on the back. And remember, this magic is yours for the taking. Contribute to it and feed off of it. The power this place has to influence you and others is remarkable.

Thank you.


Logan Gelbrich

9/19/13 WOD

Split Jerk
Complete 3 rounds for time:
400m Run
50 Squats
-Rest until 5 min-