[VIDEO] High(er) Skill Gymnastics

Relative to what we do on the bluffs, the pistol (one legged squat) is getting up there as a higher level gymnastic skill. Like anything we do, this movement is scalable and part of a never ending progression.

Whether you have this skill or not, today should be about getting you further along in your skill set for the one legged squat. Here’s what our friend Carl Paoli has to say about it:

No matter how weak, inflexible, or uncoordinated you may be, this skill is within reach. Let’s see if we can inch a few of you closer to the holy grail: the pistol.


Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:

6 rounds:
6 Pistols (or 4 rolling pistols)
8 Double KB Shoulder to Overhead
10 Double KB Cleans