The Intangibles

You know, it gets a bit boring real fast when we start getting into the nitty gritty of programing, metabolic pathways, nutrient timing, and other mind numbing topics. For most of you, there is not much to die for when it comes to scapular setting and external rotation, either.

The point is, dialing in biomechanics and training theory can only take us so far. The most remarkable performances and stories come from some of that, but mainly one or more intangible forces.

These forces can be things like competition, motivation, fun, or a will to win. Can you relate to this scenario:

“Oh, you’re 100% strict Paleo?”

“Cool. Well, you just lost to someone that flat out had more desire than you.”

This isn’t the only example of this stuff either. Just last night at Cassie’s going away party, I was chuckling at the irony of a group devoted to health and fitness getting together over brats and beers. I quickly dispelled any discredit with a similar validation of an intangible force. I’d argue that the intangible elements in this case of community, fun, and “good times” lead to as much performance as any efforts to optimize.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. It might improve your performance.


Logan Gelbrich

8/20/13 WOD

5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats