Putting Life on the Barbell

I have noticed a lot of parallels between lifting weights and the experiences of life. Weights are always heavy and life doesn’t always care what you think. I have seen very accomplished people be beaten into the ground by light weights and simple movements, and I have seen people that don’t seem as accomplished move weight like it is to a soundtrack of Bach, like it weighs nothing. It almost appears like an art. I have seen grown men beat themselves up like little boys, and I have seen very well mannered and polite mothers get competitive and do phenomenal things.

Our 9 Swedish visitors – Great day!

I understand that we all walk into this #fakegym with different experiences, different lives, bad days, good days, deaths, relationships ending and beginning, having babies, sick days, and even days where you feel like Mr. Clark Kent himself. Out there in this world our actions always have a consequence, and sometimes this consequence may not be healthy.

Growing up with an unhealthy stimulus or relationship in your life has a tremendous effect on your life. I am not here to question this or belittle this either, because I deal with this in my life, too. What I am here to talk about is how you allow this to affect you. Throughout my younger years, I was part of the “never good enough” mindset. We all get here by different roads, but I believe there is growth in being at the same crossroads and learning from each other. I would continually strive to look for others approval, for my sense of worth. Sometimes I find myself defaulting to this still. The parallel here would be missing a lift, and getting after yourself, and starting this negative self talk spiral, a soulbashing rabbithole if you will. The inverse of this would be to lift, miss, and laugh, because you know you went for it. The bar is still heavy, and you have as many chances as you want.

These consequences that are in your life outside the #fakegym don’t have to be present when you are lifting weights. Allow yourself to try like hell and completely miss. I promise that you will get better because of it. You will not make every lift, and I’d argue that you shouldn’t make every lift either. If you miss, let it go. It is not a reflection on your character. There is a reason we have these phenomenal things called PR’s. They are a huge deal. Not every day is a day that you will get your PR, but every day is a day that you can get something out of training.

The #Fakegym is a safe place to make mistakes. There is no judgement here, only improvement. We are here to get better. Period. When you come to class, come here to get after it regardless of the result. It can be a lot more fun if you let yourself off the hook a bit. Here’s to Growth


Danny Lesslie



Saturday’s Workout:

3 rounds:


10 KB Snatches (R)

10 KB Snatches (L)

Max Squats

-Rest 1 min-


  • really smart post. Thank you!

  • laurencasady says:

    Great post, Danny! I grew up skiing and was always told that it was “good to fall” because I learned from my mistakes. When I got home from practice or a lesson my parents always asked “did you fall”? I thought they were crazy, no one wants to fall….however, it all makes sense now! Not every day is a PR, you have to fail to learn!

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