High Performance Groups Agree: Personal Responsibility is #1

Danny wasn’t alone in Phoenix.

As an extreme advocate for self, I am often hard pressed to encourage myself and others to dilute responsibility, delegate, and sacrifice. More often than not, I am preaching orders that support self respect, personal responsibility, and a ruthless work ethic, regardless of those around you. The Ayn-Rand-influenced position that I speak from, however, isn’t so narrow minded as to neglect the lessons of teamwork.

Don’t get too excited, though, this message won’t let you off the hook by any means. Of course not, right? That would be too easy for a message from FFOTB. I’d like to validate the personal responsibility model of life I mentioned earlier, then call and raise you one.

What is possible in groups, teams, and communities trumps that which is possible alone, 8 days a week. We wouldn’t have to look far to validate this point either. On a very basic survival level, we are all here today because of the ability of our ancestors to work together in communities to leverage duties to promote prosperity. Specialization and coordination allows for individuals to  support themselves and their community in a joint effort for survival and grow on a scale that cannot be supported by individuals working alone.

An incredible modern day application of this concept is at the foundation of what makes the world’s finest fighting force, the US Navy SEALS, so effective. Sure, each man that bears a trident has proven a certain physical and mental aptitude for exceptional work, but ask any SEAL and he will tell you that they are nothing without their team. These common men are as imperfect as anyone alone, but together they are virtually unbeatable.

In both examples it’s worth noting that the individuals in the group aren’t afforded complacency, which is a common fault in my opinion. High performance groups, like special forces units and thriving communities, combine personal responsibility with the power of a group. For example, indigenous tribes rely on the hunters in the community to bring back food. Without their effort the consequences are dire. In a similar light, one SEAL warrior lacking in attention to detail may result in death. Group dynamics without the requisite personal responsibility manifests negative consequences.

Coming full circle, we’ve got a very similar opportunity here on the bluffs. FFOTB can provide the high performance qualities of teamwork. However, you’d be a fool to rely on this group power without a commitment to personal responsibility. Lacking personal accountability while enrolled in our program and walking away saying this didn’t work for you follows poor logic.

Handle your business. Period. Add on top of that a community of people that are getting things done together, and the fuse is lit for something special.


Logan Gelbrich


Monday’ s Workout:

Battery Work
Even: 15 Russian KB Swings
Odd: 10 Push Ups

Run 1000m
Max Hang Squat Cleans (60% 1 RM


  • lis-carpenter says:

    I was going to ask what is FFOTB, but then I noticed that their was a Facebook page or group that seemed to fit the bill. Is that some local thing that you run?

    • Admin says:

      Yup! We are a local fitness school. Folks from local Santa Monica and Venice, but as far away as Torrance and the Valley are enrolled in a lifestyle of health and wellness. Come check us out!

      How did you hear about us?

      • lis-carpenter says:

        Dude, I would, but I live in Florida. I found your site through the Zemanta blog plugin. It does a similar post feed thing which helps bloggers connect with other bloggers who have similar interests:) Thanks for the reply.

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