Just a Blip on the Fitness Radar Screen

Macro and micro points of view are critical in their own right. Being able to toggle from macro and micro points of view is, by nature, known as scope. Scope then gives us perspective. I’d like to argue that our passion and lifestyle influence, though powerful, can give us blinders.  

Big Ben – Macro beauty!

An engineer who’s fully engaged on repairing the nuts and bolts of a gear mechanism in the bowls of London’s Palace of Westminster clock tower, known as Big Ben, has the perfect micro perspective. His point of view has respect, admiration, and understanding of the details of the most intricate of mechanisms of the structure. This view, however, is nearly interchangeable with that of any other piece of machinery. He could be looking under the hood of a car for all intents and purposes. His view of a loose bolt and rusty lever lack a great deal of scope considering his location.

Any of the countless tourists on the street down below, however, have the ideal macro perspective. They even take out their cameras to take photos of the magnificent entity that is Big Ben. The building is iconic and remarkable. To them it seems larger than life. For them, this perspective is important, especially to do such a historic landmark justice. Ask these observers about the loose bolt and rusty lever deep inside the clock face and they will respond with, “What bolt? What lever?”

You see a true understanding of Big Ben would share both a macro and a micro appreciation. I’d argue that as folks come and go in our fitness school, that a similar scope is critical.

Big Ben – Micro Perspective

For example, we ought to continue to celebrate someone’s incredible three months of transformation and improvement. There’s no doubt about that. Keep in mind, however, that life is much more than a three month trend. Three months for a 50 year old man or woman is 2% of his/her life. While we bury our noses in the work and commitment to life changing habits, I’d encourage enough macro perspective to see that this is a marathon.

Three months of fitness is just a blip on the radar screen over 5, 10, 20, or 40 years. Can you focus and devote yourself powerfully in the moment and have enough scope to see that it could all mean nothing just as quick?

A macro view is important. Furthermore, your ability to show up at a sustainable rate is critical. Look at your habits over decades. Evaluate your macro nutritional habits over a lifespan. You may just take more days off and eat a little more dark chocolate that way, especially if it means being in for the long haul.

See you at the top!

Lindsey takes on Crush Cancer (Culver CIty, CA)


Logan Gelbrich


Complete the following for time:
100 Squats
50 KB Snatches (53/35)
100 Walking Lunges
** Every minute on the minute perform 5 burpees



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