Corey Reed: Calling Every One of Us Out

Recently I’ve been preparing for the upcoming SICest of the Southwest competition with my teammates from CFLA. While “cramming for the test,” I’ve been exposed to Team CFLA’s newest member, Corey Reed.

Corey is quite a notable athlete. No, he isn’t the fittest on the team, nor is he the strongest. His contribution is bigger than any I’ve ever seen, however. Corey is an amputee. He uses a prosthetic leg from the knee down on one side. Did I mention that he’s also blind?

Are you better or worse than yesterday?

Suddenly, training seems easier.

Suddenly, all the crazy things we hear from people as to why they can’t train sound more ridiculous than it did the first time.

Suddenly, there’s some light shed on all of our excuses for what they really are.

Have you ever seen a blind man with one functioning leg load his own barbell and complete a one rep max clean and jerk? That’s patience. That’s focus. Have you ever seen a blind man with one functioning leg do box jumps? Shuttle runs? That’s courage.

Sometimes I take a break to breathe and rest in the middle of a workout when it gets tough. Then I look over at Corey, and I realize it’s about time I shut up and get back to work. Corey, thanks for calling us all out, brother. You’re a rockstar.

Logan Gelbrich


Saturday’s Workout:

3 Rounds:

Max Duration L Sit

Then AMRAP 4:

400M Sprint

Max Ground to Shoulder in 1 min (60% 1RM)

-Rest 5 min-

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