In Memory of Diesel: ‘Gym Dog’

Many of you have had the pleasure of meeting a truly amazing creature… my dog, Diesel.  He truly is a piece of work. I can’t even walk down the street without being stopped every ten feet.  In fact, I have had multiple offers in the same day to buy him for lots of American dollars.  Clearly, NONE of them have been entertained!
I came home Monday night and I didn’t hear the normal ear slap I hear as he shakes his giant melon after he gets up from sleeping to greet me when I get home.  In fact, I heard nothing. I walked in the door, and I saw him standing there with his head down and ears dangling, which isn’t the norm.  Clearly, he felt terrible. At the time,  I wasn’t sure what was wrong with him yet, but all I want was my healthy dog back.

In hindsight, there are so many days that his energy and his pulling on the leash got old.  Today I would give anything for that. “Give me some attitude!”  “Jump up on me, let me hear that deep bark!”  “Seriously, pee way too much pee on the floor!”  It is amazing what you ask for and wish for when things change.  Health. Yup, I just want my healthy boy back, and to be honest that is all I want. 

RIP Diesel 9/26/12

Tonight I put Diesel to sleep.  It was the hardest thing I can imagine.  The prognosis from the docs was horrible.  His spleen was bleeding into his abdomen, and even surgery left no guarantee on my boy living.  I had to sit there in the vet’s office and tell them to put D down.  He looked so good on the outside, but I knew different.
I can’t begin to explain the weight of this conversation.  He seemed somewhat healthy on the outside, but he was silently dying right before my eyes. I can’t even believe that it was my place to decide it was his time to go.  I kept trying to somehow escape the reality of it all.  But, I know one thing.. I loved that dog more than anything, and I couldn’t stand to see him suffer at all.
He was one month and one day away from his 5th birthday. WAYYYYYY too soon for him to leave!  Just to clarify, he is the ‘Gym Dog!’  I can’t even begin to tell you the space left in my life! You can have all the money and you can have all the toys, I just want D to be back and healthy.
With his passing, I believe this drew a parallel for me in my life.  I want my health.  I have been hurt pretty solidly a couple times this year. In total, I’ve been out of the game, per se, for two or two and a half months. And, to be honest these times made me appreciate every little moment of the training. The journey that I went through to get where I was. But more than anything, it made me appreciate the days that I feel good, it made me appreciate the body that I am so fortunate to have and the tremendous gift that I have been given.
There’s great news, though. We all have this gift!  These bodies we have.. there are so many things we can do.  As Nike says, “Every Damn Day,” we can be “Better than Yesterday!” I can tell you, the past couple of days have made me think about health. I value it! I want my health, and wish against everything that I could have D back!

Think about your life. Have you been valuing your health?  Or, have you been guilty like me, in only valuing it when it is gone.  Let’s flip the script together, let’s use these bodies, let’s find out what they can do… because we can.  When is the last time you walked out in the front yard and did 100 burpees for time?  And, when your neighbor asks you why the hell you did that to yourself your answer was, “Because I Can!”  Now THAT is cool.
Dare Ya!

And if not for yourself,  do it in honor of the ‘Gym Dog,’ because D was the best!

I miss ya, Buddy!

Danny Lesslie


Thursday’s Workout:

Find 3RM Overhead Squat


Perform 10 sprints (75m) every 90 seconds.


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