Workin’ for the Weekend?

To be a successful ruler in the Roman Empire, a surefire way to be successful was to maintain what’s called “bread and circuses.” From this concept we can derive the phrase “fat and happy.” The idea here is that as long as the people didn’t go hungry and they were entertained, most social upheaval could be controlled and the masses could be content. In my opinion, this superficial solace is a tried and true indicator of a struggling common population.

The richness of Mel & Kevin’s experience is much deeper than football. Though, both are HUGE fans!

As NFL season gets underway, I think it’s a great opportunity to look for modern application of this concept. I want to be very careful not to connect sports fans to simpleton commoners in any way. That’s not what I am saying. But, I’d urge you to evaluate your tendency to be stimulated only by entertainment. If Monday through Friday is tolerated largely because the weekend is enough relief to do it all over again week in and week out, it may be time to challenge your habits. In other words, even if it’s “your year” (aka the Packers’ year), I’d encourage you to make sure it’s also your year in the most literal sense.

For me, I take a big chunk of Sunday off. And, relative to the regular nine to five crowd, most of my Sunday is my “weekend.” I am constantly evaluating my week, then, to see whether or not I’m just living for Sunday. If I am, that’s a huge red flag for me.

Beating your head against the wall Monday through Friday to “earn” Saturday and Sunday need not be the model. As a “grinder” myself, I am, by all means, not telling you not work your ass off. I’m telling you that you’re a much more gifted, capable creature than one that has to succumb to the mindless grind Monday through Friday to celebrate with mindless weekend entertainment.

Not all of you may be in position to make drastic lifestyle changes right away, but I’d start planning right now if you find yourself really living just two days a week and slaving the other five. Life’s too short to permanently look forward to the weekend.

We’ve all got 365 days a year to grow, be challenged, and experience our world. One could agree, then, that choosing to reserve such pursuits to 52 weekends a year isn’t maximizing your time here. Challenge your workweek. Challenge your career. Challenge your leisure time. Who’s to say that time for leisure, education, and physical pursuits need to be blocked between Friday night and Sunday evening?

So, by all means throw on your Chargers jersey this NFL season. But, please find a way to look forward to Tuesdays and Wednesdays like you look forward to weekends. Your hopes and dreams will thank you for it.

Logan Gelbrich


Friday’s Workout:

Battery Work



Odd: 3 Tall Cleans (115/75)

Even: 7 Squat Jumps (from bottom)


Then complete the following for time:


Med Ball Cleans


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