FFOTB Events Update

The calendar is jam packed in the Functional Fitness on the Bluffs community. If you look about midway down the right hand column of this site, you’ll see an event schedule listed. Here’s the scoop on the various extra curricular activities our community is taking part in whether they are social events, fitness related, or otherwise.

Tonight! Saturday 9/15 – 7PM (C&O Trattoria)

Danny’s birthday will be an (FFOTB) family affair at local C&O Trattoria in Venice. Anyone and everyone is invited to join us at 31 Washington Place. We will take our seats at 7PM to wash down our wine with some good food. 

Danny turns 31!

Dogtown CrossFit’s 2nd Annual Air Show – Sept. 19th 7-9PM (LA Gymnastics School)

Our friends over at DogTown CrossFit in Culver City specialize in two things: being awesome and gymnastics. Join us for a field trip over to LA Gymnastics School for this exciting event. We’ll be working on tumbling, rings, bars, and trampoline. It’s a great way to learn new skills or work on perfecting those you already have. It’s an adult play ground for fun, learning, and maybe a flip or two!

LA Gymnastics School

8450 Higuera St, Culver City, CA 90232

Cost: $50 for returning athletes, $60 for first-timers

Email dusty@dogtowncrossfit.com to secure your spot today!

“The Vitals” Challenge Prelims – Oct. 1st (FFOTB)

That’s right folks, it’s officially challenge season again. This one is primed to be a great opportunity to step your game up in a guess-what-I-can-do, benchmark, put-it-in-the-Christmas-card kind of way. More details coming soon!

Europa Sports SICest of the Southeast – Oct. 20th (Scottsdale, AZ)

Our friends at SICFIT (see link to our page on SICFIT on the right side of this page) are playing host to a CrossFit inviitaional: The SICest of the Southwest. This is a great opportunity for you, yes YOU, to get your feet wet in the sport of fitness. Don’t think you’ve got what it takes, think again.. They’ve even got a scaled division. Field trip!

Crush Cancer 2012 – Oct. 27th (DogTown CrossFit)

This gem of an event is put on by DogTown CrossFit and has proven to be a fun event that makes an impact on cancer. It’s a great opportunity for us, since the event is all about what we do best: exercising quickly. Except this time, it’s for an even better reason: Crushing Cancer!

Join us in fundraising efforts and network with likeminded people from the other side of the 405! HA!


Remember guys, you don’t need to participate in it all, but our community is where the magic happens. Your participation in this group makes us all better. I hope you tag along and, of course, your friends and family are always welcome with our family.

Logan Gelbrich


Saturday’s Workout:

“Coach’s Birthday Chipper”

Complete the following for time:

100 Squats
80 Situps
60 KB Swings
40 Pushups
20 Sandbag Ground to Shoulder
10 Burpee Broad Jumps
1 Mile Run

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