Wheat: A “perfect, chronic poison”

Health will always be a current affair it seems. There will always be people who excel in fitness, folks that really  need help, and folks in between. This would be true even if everyone was educated AND educated with perfect information, which,well, isn’t going to happen either. However, the biggest crime in all of American health, in my opinion, is that countless motivated, seemingly educated folks go out of their way to do what they think is right, and as a result are killing themselves. Therefore not only are the apathetic and the ignorant falling victim to the health issues associated with poor nutrition, those passionate about health are, too.

There are a million reasons to blame, but when I say the words “whole wheat,” you think of things like “heart healthy,” “health food,” “breakfast of champions,” “balanced diet,” etc. Hopefully this isn’t the first time you’ve heard my frustration around the public’s perception of grains, and it certainly won’t be the last. Watch this video that sheds some prime time light on the very subject:


Outside of our traditions, comfort, and routines, I can’t name a single reason for consuming wheat… ever. The kicker, then, is that our country’s “health nuts” lean on it heavily. My opinions, the work of supporting doctors in the field, or motivated forces aren’t enough to flip the script of public perception. What should you do? Change your life without wheat, and someone just may follow you.

Oldie but goodie.

Good luck!

Logan Gelbrich


Complete the following for reps:

2 Rounds:
1 Min Max SDLHP (75/35)
1 Min Max Push Press

Rest 1 Min

1 Min Max Tuck Jumps
1 Min Max Squats

Rest 1 Min


  • Great post Logan – thank you!

  • wartica says:

    I agree; it took me a long time to realize that wheat and gluten were the cause of a lot of my skin problems:(


  • Andrew Jayne says:

    Good commentary. Good information. I somehow get the sense that he is tilting at windmills, however. There is just such an overwhelming momentum in favor of the grain diet that to achieve any kind of significant change in a wider demographic is going to take a continued effort over a looooooong period of time. And this is to say nothing of the rise of elements within the food industry that will protect their interests. They’ll burn before they ever agree to the notion that whole grains are somehow bad for you.

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