I lead a schedule that puts me in places around town at weird times.  I don’t do the Dolly Parton, if you will.  If you didn’t make this connection I am not sorry, but let me help. She has a song called “9-5.”  It has been said that you can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy.  I agree!  I am speaking of the hours that I am working on a regular basis.  They are odd, and that is more than OK with me.  I am turning 31 this week, and if I can get to bed before 10, I will. Hell, if I can make it pillow-side before 9, it may happen. I pretty much always see the sun come up, and spend my whole day making sure that people are keeping their fitness in check.  A lot of humans my age are out

Veronica, locked and loaded!

at bars at night until… lets say later than 10.  That makes me tired just thinking about it.  Some people call this lifestyle I lead crazy.

People hear about this “Nation”  that you and I belong to.  They tell me it is crazy.  They see the workouts and can’t believe that there are people that do such things.  We have locals and foreigners walk by class daily gawking and looking in amazement at the movements and the weights that are being lifted in class.  To me it’s not crazy.  It is my day, every day.  I am eternally grateful for this.
These workouts that we do, the way we eat, the support that you receive from your fellow students, the passion that we have for our community, the hugs, the language that we use, the amount of squats, and “The Nation” are all part of a normal day for us.  Yes, these things are crazy, I guess, but to us it is reality.
I find that there is a fine line between “crazy,” and passion.  Some people call our program crazy. I call it passion.  I have seen innumerable positive things come out of this crazy ride.  I see a bunch of passionate people chasing after their ideal selves.  And, this inspires me.  Call it what you will… crazy, passion, whatever.  I am in 1000% no matter how you slice it.
Be crazy about something, You may just get somewhere!
Danny Lesslie
Wednesday’s Workout:
Complete 150 push ups for time.
**Every time athlete breaks cadence, run 100m

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