The Nation has Spoken [Schedule Update]

This is a community. It’s your gym. We talk about it all the time. And, in doing so we encourage you to be loud, ask questions, and share feedback. Along the way, we caught wind of a growing band of brothers and sisters that were passionate about growing their training volume.

The only thing in their way? A lack of afternoon classes on Tuesday and Thursdays. Until now..


There will now be classes 7:00 AM and 5:30 PM Monday through Friday, and the usual 9:00 AM class on Saturday’s only. We hope this allows you to train more freely with us. See you tomorrow morning… or evening!

Rose mobilizes her thoracic spine.. with Dana’s help, of course.


Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:

Complete three rounds for time:

20 Jumping Lunges

15 Deadlifts (155/115)

10 Inverted Burpees


-Rest 4 min-



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