The Power of Two

The power of accountability is often the difference between getting things done right and succumbing to whatever else that gets in the way. For that reason accountability is woven into our fitness school as much as squats and running, and for good reason. Often left to our own devices, many times we don’t have the ability to talk down the inner dialogue that undermines things like clean eating, your best effort, or your goals.

These two have each others’ back.

Committing verbally (and financially) to a membership with us is significant because once you do so you’re “on the hook.” Unlike other fitness studios, we don’t sell punch card memberships. We have a conversation and agree on a sustainable level of participation, like 2 or 3 days per week. Then, the accountability piece is turned up a bit when 3 weeks later you’re debating whether or not you want to come to your second class and it’s already Friday.

Examples of accountability are everywhere here. Our last challenge was a partner challenge. To win, both partners had to do well and improve. Many of us are willing to cut a few corners when our own self is on the line, but never to let down a teammate.

Think about all the flak you get from your classmates when they don’t see you. Their genuine appreciation and concern for you is felt with phone calls and text messages when you miss a class or two.

Accountability is an incredible tool for performance, but more so than that, at FFOTB accountability feels good because it’s authentic. We all have the same goals to be “Better than Yesterday.” As a result, students never feel alone.

Hell, I’m no different. On the spectrum of health and fitness, I’m definitely far from rock bottom, but my girlfriend Lindsey, for example, adds a huge level of accountability for me. While ordering at a restaurant I can find ways to justify having a little fun when it comes food, and with Lindsey there I am more apt to making better decisions.

We all have a support structure in this community that I’d encourage you all to lean on heavily. What better place to take on the lifestyle changes that we all would like to take on, but often have a hard time executing on our own? FFOTB is fitness utopia. Eating clean is cool, being strong is cool, having fun is cool… embrace it!


Logan Gelbrich


Friday’s Workout:

Weighted Push Ups

6 rounds:
15 Squats
40 Yard Dash
-Rest 1 min-

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