Bridging the Gap with Vision

Having vision, in my opinion, is no real talent to write home about. I guess the one prerequisite is that you’ve got to have some creative juices, but I think deep down we all can imagine. Other than that, unless you’re chronically pessimistic, having vision is quite possibly the most accessible asset you can have.

The application of such vision is limitless. Envision your career, relationship, bank account, future house, [insert awesome thing that you want], etc and now all the sudden your thoughts can materialize something that may not even exist. Those thoughts are all you need in your tool kit to create whatever vision it is that you’ve got. Note that vision is often a critical step in bridging the gap between the present and your goals.

I see an inspirational new mother.

Be sure to practice your vision with idealism. Don’t envision the ’87 Camry in the driveway because it’s realistic. See your dream. Visions are no place for short cuts.

I’ve got a clear vision for you all and, let me tell you,  it is bright. I’d encourage you check in with your inner visionary. With optimism and a wild imagination in your holster, you’re armed with all you need. 

Be careful, though… It might just become real. Can you see it?


Logan Gelbrich


Thursday’s Workout:

3 Double KB Thrusters (53, 44, 26, 0r 19)
9 Med Ball Cleans
-Rest 5 minutes-
Run 800m
-Rest 5 minutes-
Run 400m

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