A Question

I may not even know you, but if you told me you wanted something, I’d believe you could have it. No matter what the details were, if you shared a goal with me, nothing in my mind would discount it. Even if you didn’t truly believe it possible, if I heard you think out loud of your pinnacle, I could see it realized.

Your dreams don’t scare me. I don’t doubt you. And, I dare you to impress me with ambition. “Wow” me.

Whether we know each other or not, I have a statement for you and then a question..

I believe in you. Do you?

Molly and friends.

Logan Gelbrich


Thursday’s Workout:

Complete 4 one-on-one races of the following (rest as needed between rounds):

1 Stair Climb

10 Push Press

20 Lateral Jump Burpees

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