The Front Squat: A Starring Role

Wednesday’s (and Saturday’s) as you may well know are programmed with specific emphasis on our Dynamic Duo Partner Challenge. Given that the challenge workout is a complex of shuttle runs and front squats, the front squat is taking a starring role in these challenge prep days.

The front squat is an uber-functional movement that screams skill transfer (to the clean), strength, midline stability, posture, power, and flexibility. As a master of human movement, Kelly Starrett, does the beautiful job of describing what’s happening during the front squat with this post.

Niki, Shirley, & Lindsey basking in front squat glory.

Much of his article is examining the “compromises” that are happening as an athlete completes a front squat. Chances are, the front loaded bar position is your LEAST favorite part of the front squat. That specific detail is what forces athletes to A) fight rotational force from the bar against an upright torso and B) stabilize without much hamstring recruitment that comes from sending one’s hips back during a back/body weight squat. This compromise, which K. Star perfectly outlines, is why front squats are turning you into a member of the Justice League, one front squat at a time.

As you put yourself up against these compromising positions in training for the Dynamic Duo Challenge, sleep well knowing your creating huge adaptations to core strength, ankle flexibility, and quad strength.

May the best duo win!

Logan Gelbrich

Wednesday’s Workout:

5 rounds…
In 90 seconds:
5 Thrusters (135/95)
5 Jump Squats
5 Front Squats
Max Distance Shuttle Run
-Rest 90 Seconds-

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